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The Fundamental Wesleyan Society publishes an assortment of books, audio tapes, and conducts seminars on Wesleyan History. Please click on the items below for more information.

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On behalf of the Fundamental Wesleyan Society we would like to wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Also we are running a special through the end of the year. All of our publications, listed on fwponline.cc, will be shipped postage free if you order directly by emailing Dr Vic Reasoner

 Our Fall issue of The Arminian Magazine was a little late going out this time, but it is sixteen pages! If you did not receive it or need extra copies to distribute, please email me.

Already I have heard from people in five states who appreciate it. We send the magazine all over the world free of charge! As finances are available, we have several printing projects planned for next year. We are also happy to receive tax-deductible donations and they should be sent to:

FWS, 114 Locust Heights, Nicholasville, KY 40356

Our society was organized in 1979 with almost nothing and we still have most of it left. The truth is that we are growing and God is blessing us. We span a half dozen Wesleyan denominations. Yet to identify with us has almost been regarded as an act of suicide in the academic guild, but most of us did not have anything to lose. Paul explained that a call to minister is not often received by those who are wise by worldly standards, those who are powerful, and those who have a long academic pedigree. God tends to use what is low and despised to hold the status quo accountable (1 Corinthians 1:26-29). We have nothing to boast of but much to be thankful for.

  In my opinion, Kenneth J. Collins and Jerry L. Walls, Roman but Not Catholic. Baker: 2017. 432 pages. ISBN 978-0-8010-9893-2, should be named the book of the year. See my review on Amazon. We subscribe to the Reforming Catholic Confession which was built on the foundation of this book.

We also subscribe to the 1978 Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy which was originally signed by nine high-profile Wesleyan leaders. The Wesleyan Theological Society abandoned their commitment to inerrancy in 1969. According to Stephen W. Paine it was dropped to accommodate scholars who held prevailing views of scholarship on a vote of 14-12. We have observed that those who deny the inerrancy of Scripture seem to think that they are infallible, however. Infallibility is an inescapable concept. Someone or something must be our ultimate authority. It seems that the new fundamental authority for liberal Wesleyans is their unwavering commitment to evolution. We still believe the Word of God is more trustworthy than all of the up-and-coming new Wesleyan sceptics. Not only do we have the advent of fake news, we also have to be on guard against fake theology.

  We subscribe to the Nashville Statement on biblical sexuality as well. We are very disappointed that Christianity Today threw it under the bus in their November issue, p. 30. "Evangelicals" need to stop whimping out and take biblical stands or they will continue to fall for everything. To the degree that the church has capitulated to the culture, it is part of the problem and has nothing to offer. We are encouraged that a few high-profile Wesleyan leaders, such as James Dobson, John Oswalt, Allen Coppedge, and John Neihoff had the courage to sign the statement.

We do believe that salvation from sin includes sexual sin (1 Corinthians 6:11). We live in such a period of confusion that "Wesleyans" now claim sexual orientation is not a spiritual issue. Apparently, this all started with Kenneth Grider in 1999. Ironically some Calvinists like Rosaria Butterfield, who reject the theology of entire sanctification, testify to deliverance from homosexual bondage and the transforming grace of God simply by submitting to the authority of the Word of God.

  And so we are committed to speaking the truth in love in the coming years. That will upset some, but others look to us for clarity in murky, politically-correct, top-down institutional apostasy. We believe that the gospel will prevail and that the kingdom of Christ will cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.

As we anticipate 2018, the devil to roar and create as much chaos as he can. But we will continue to go about our work of defending, explaining, and applying God's Word with the quiet confidence that it will not fail. When Jesus Christ entered this world through Mary's womb, God launched the first phase of world redemption. The manger became the first king-sized bed! And Isaiah 9:7 promises that his government will never end. Let us pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to this ultimate cause the advancement of His Kingdom. Every day, 74,000 are coming to Christ worldwide. There is still hope for this world, but only through Christ our King. Faith, hope, peace, joy, and love are the things that really matter and they are all found in Jesus Christ, God's Christmas gift.

Vic Reasoner, acting chairman, Mark Horton, treasurer, Andy Heer, secretary, Peter Migner, Facebook administrator, David Martinez, ambassador-at-large, Joe McPherson, class leader, Vic Reasoner, editor of publications, Dennis Hartman, website administrator. visit our website.


The Fundamental Wesleyan Society was organized in 1979. The founding resolution stated there had been a serious deviation from the scriptural teaching developed by John Wesley and early Methodist writers which had led to a shallow preaching of the new birth. As a result confusion had developed concerning Christian experience which led many to profess salvation without victory over the power of sin nor a direct witness of the Holy Spirit; and others to profess entire sanctification without being made perfect in love.

Rev. Al Smith This group of concerned Christian ministers, many who had been influenced by A. J. Smith, saw the need for a fellowship that would teach and promote scriptural holiness as taught by John Wesley. Their statement of faith declares the inerrancy of Scripture, total depravity, the necessity of the new birth through the baptism with the Holy Spirit whereby the believer is delivered from the guilt and power of sin, that faith is a gift of God given to all who truly repent and is always accompanied by the witness of the Spirit, that there is yet in the believer the "remains of sin" even after he has been born of the Spirit and that he may be cleansed by the perfecting work of the Spirit.

Membership in the society is open to anyone who is in agreement with the statement of faith. The society has published The Arminian Magazine since its inception and has concentrated on extending their influence through printing. In 1995 they also began the Fundamental Wesleyan Bible Institute.