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Fundamental Wesleyan

The Fundamental Wesleyan Society publishes an assortment of books, audio tapes, and conducts seminars on Wesleyan History. Please click on the items below for more information.

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Our Holiday Special

These books are a great Holiday idea for your pastor, Sunday School teacher or anyone else. This is a neat special offer that only happens once a year. You can buy all three books for 45$ which is a great 25% savings. Or you may buy them individually.

  • "Affectionately Yours" by author Alice Russie is a daily devotional guide take from John Wesleys' works. It is a 25 dollar special.
  • "Just As New As Christianity" is written by author and a member of the FWP Mr. Joe McPherson. It is an early Methodist critique of Modern Holiness teaching. It is now 20 dollars.
  • "A Fundamental Wesleyan Commentary on I John and Jude." It is authored by Dr. Vic Reasoner. This is still another great gift for a pastor, mission, Sunday School teacher or your self. It is now 15 dollars though the end of this Christmas season.
  • For more infro, please email us now. We are here to help.

The Commentary on John, 1,2,3 and Jude is here!

Dr. Reasoner has stated that he does not expect this commentary to be read straight through, even though it weighs in at just some 200 pages. Rather, he anticipates it will be used as a resource for preachers and teachers desiring to have a historical as well as an exegetical interpretation of these epistles. But I would encourage the reader to consider reading the commentary of each letter with Bible in hand - straight through. After all, with the exception of 1 John, the three remaining letters are but one chapter each, and Vic's commentary on these can easily be read in one sitting. This work should become one of those books frequently used by the Bible student and teacher alike. And if you haven't figured it out by now, I highly recommend it to you!

J. Oliver Jones Director of Light of Life Ministry, Nashville TN Director of Christian Education for the Southern Methodist Church.

Director of Continuing Education for Southern Methodist College In his relentless effort to capture the personal intent, meaning and message content of the letters written by the apostles John and Jude, Dr. Reasoner has carefully referenced the earliest available New Testament manuscripts, writings of the early church fathers, medieval scholars, Reformers and early Methodist leaders. While the reader is often presented with opposing views of interpretation, the author's concluding references to Wesleyan-Arminian scholarship provide persuasive evidence of their reflecting a closer harmonization with the inspired expressions of these New Testament writers. This commentary is highly recommended for pastors, Bible teachers and laity interested in the serious study and helpful understanding of these epistles.

Joseph D. McPherson, author Our People Die Well (2008) Just as New as Christianity (2016)

Or for more information you may contact Dr. Vic Reasoner.

Dr. Norm Geisler says, "Dr. Vic Reasoner has done a great service to the Wesleyan community and to the wider body of Christ. He has not only defended the historic orthodox view on the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture, but he has narrated and documented the erosion of inerrancy among some contemporary evangelicals.

For more information on how you can get your copy please contact Dr. Vic Reasoner

Download now NAZARENES EXPLORING EVOLUTION written by Thane Hutcherson Ury, PhD. Its free, so go ahead and download it now!


The Fundamental Wesleyan Society was organized in 1979. The founding resolution stated there had been a serious deviation from the scriptural teaching developed by John Wesley and early Methodist writers which had led to a shallow preaching of the new birth. As a result confusion had developed concerning Christian experience which led many to profess salvation without victory over the power of sin nor a direct witness of the Holy Spirit; and others to profess entire sanctification without being made perfect in love.

Rev. Al Smith This group of concerned Christian ministers, many who had been influenced by A. J. Smith, saw the need for a fellowship that would teach and promote scriptural holiness as taught by John Wesley. Their statement of faith declares the inerrancy of Scripture, total depravity, the necessity of the new birth through the baptism with the Holy Spirit whereby the believer is delivered from the guilt and power of sin, that faith is a gift of God given to all who truly repent and is always accompanied by the witness of the Spirit, that there is yet in the believer the "remains of sin" even after he has been born of the Spirit and that he may be cleansed by the perfecting work of the Spirit.

Membership in the society is open to anyone who is in agreement with the statement of faith. The society has published The Arminian Magazine since its inception and has concentrated on extending their influence through printing. In 1995 they also began the Fundamental Wesleyan Bible Institute.