John 1, 2, 3, and Jude

Dr. Reasoner has stated that he does not expect this commentary to be read straight through, even though it weighs in at just some 200 pages. Rather, he anticipates it will be used as a resource for preachers and teachers desiring to have a historical as well as an exegetical interpretation of these epistles. But I would encourage the reader to consider reading the commentary of each letter with Bible in hand - straight through. After all, with the exception of 1 John, the three remaining letters are but one chapter each, and Vic's commentary on these can easily be read in one sitting. This work should become one of those books frequently used by the Bible student and teacher alike. And if you haven't figured it out by now, I highly recommend it to you!

J. Oliver Jones Director of Light of Life Ministry, Nashville TN Director of Christian Education for the Southern Methodist Church.

This is a must for any Methodist or Wesleyan pastor's library. The price is fifteen dollars. Order today from


Affectionately Yours: Daily Meditations on Parctical Holiness from the Letters of John Wesley.

For half a century John Wesley advised the Methodists on such matters as marriage, health, spiritual formation, education, employment, and finances. Thus, the Methodists were instructed, encouraged, and directed by timeless wisdom, rooted in God's Word and good common sense. May Wesley's words of faith and love excite each reader's heart to yearn for, to ask, and to receive of God, that same faith and piety.

Alice Russie

Affectionately Yours: Daily Meditations on Practical Holiness from the Letters of John Wesley by Alice Russie.  ISBN 978-0-9914251-1-2.
  626 pages $25.

Order today from


Just As New As Christianity

Joseph McPherson's present volume represents Wesleyan ad fontes at its best. He has dedicated the last fifty years of his life to the detailed study of early Methodist primary sources, particularly John Wesley, John Fletcher, Adam Clarke, Joseph Benson and Richard Watson. This book represents the fruit of his scholarly study and reflection. His goal is to present early Methodism's clear teaching on debated issues in the larger Wesleyan tradition: water and Spirit baptism, new birth, spiritual senses, experimental religion, entire sanctification, and Christian testimony.

McPherson's treatment of these subjects takes a reader into the heart of Wesleyan fontes, with little appeal to secondary sources, providing a close reading of early Methodist literature. Often as part of his examination, he connects early Methodist positions to historic Christian teaching, rooting them in sources Wesley respected most outside of Scripture- the early church fathers, as well as to later 19th century Wesleyan systematic theologians, including Luther Lee and William B. Pope.

Rev Christopher T. Bounds, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology
Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, Indiana

This is a must for any Methodist or Wesleyan pastor's library. Order today from


The Importance of Inerrancy

Dr. Norm Geisler says, "Dr. Vic Reasoner has done a great service to the Wesleyan community and to the wider body of Christ. He has not only defended the historic orthodox view on the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture, but he has narrated and documented the erosion of inerrancy among some contemporary evangelicals. This book is free for the asking.
For more information on how you can get your copy please contact Dr. Vic Reasoner

A Wesleyan Theology of Holy Living for the 21st Century
In 1991 Fundamental Wesleyan Publishers was launched with their first publication, The Hole in the Holiness Movement. Since the book had been sold out, in 2005 the board of publication asked Dr. Reasoner to write a second edition. A Wesleyan Theology of Holy Living for the 21st Century is now complete. This is a must have set! Holy Living gives both history, background, and doctrines of the Wesleyan Holiness movement in the United States. It is the most comprehensive work on this subject in recent times. This is a must for any Methodist or Wesleyan pastor's library. This two volume set is $50. Order today from


A Fundamental Wesleyan Commentary on Revelation

    My concern is that many people do not study the Bible and especially not this book. I am not a member of Pastor Reasoner's congregation, but it is my prayer that God will use this commentary to help other ministers prepare practical messages that will point listeners to Christ and prepare them for heaven. Mr. Joe Mims, chairman Skilton Construction, Inc. Lexington, Kentucky

    In his new and fresh commentary of the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, my friend Vic Reasoner, has done a scholarly job of rediscovering the glories of the old "gold mine" and has brought up some brilliant nuggets of truth about the true purpose and prophecies of the book with the resulting flow of blessings to those who read, understand, and obey.
    I strongly urge you to take the time to carefully and prayerfully read this commentary with an open mind. Let the theme and passion of this book - JESUS - become your passion. Let the hope in this book fill you with fresh hope. Let the promise of victory inspire you to raise a victory shout!
    JESUS IS LORD! HE IS LORD NOW AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Rev. Gerald Bustin, President of Evangelical Bible Mission, Inc. Summerfield, Florida

Hardback, ISBN 0-9761003-1-2, 592 pages, indexed, $50
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A Fundamental Wesleyan Commentary on Romans

Here you will find a whole range of both rare and excellent Arminian scholars, men of the caliber of Wesley, Clarke, Watson, Benson, Coke, Sutcliffe, Whedon, and many others, of a much older generation. You will also find many scholars of more recent times, such as Lloyd-Jones and Stott. Yet the book is not merely a collation of these men and others. As I have perused it, I've been amazed to discover how full and rich it is, covering almost every phrase of the epistle. We need to return to a much more biblical pattern of preaching and this book will help us to do this. Douglas Crossman

Dr. Reasoner has written the first conservative, analytical Methodist commentary on Romans since the nineteenth century. He is careful to give to us what many of the oldtime scholars of Methodism said. For the pastor, this commentary will be a blessing. ...he ... understands the heart and needs of pastors. The scholarly among us will enjoy his usage of the Greek, and his ability to sort through the smog of "higher criticism." Dennis Hartman

Hardback, ISBN 0-9629383-9-4, 616 pages, indexed, $40
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A Theological Dictionary

by Richard Watson

Richard Watson was one of the greatest theologians the Church has ever known. This edition contains 220 entries ranging from a paragraph to several pages. Watson addresses philosophical issues, comparative religions, apologetics, matters of hermeneutics, and basic Christian beliefs. Watson's definitions and historical accounts, his exegesis and citation of primary sources will strength this generation of ill-equipped Arminians to defend their faith.
Hardback, imitatation leather cover, $50, ISBN 0-9629383-8-6 560 pages

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The Hope of the Gospel

An Introduction to Wesleyan Eschatology

byVic Reasoner
This 416 page book covers the major Old and New Testament passages on the kingdom of God, the development of systematic approaches to eschatology (the doctrine of last things), a historical survey of major trends in eschatology with special emphasis on Methodism and the holiness movement. The book concludes with a discussion of how our eschatology effects how we look at the mission of the Church and calls the Church back to a historic postmillennial viewpoint.
$30 ISBN 0-9629383-7-8
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The Evidence of Salvation

by Everett Stackpole
Centennial reprint of a classic on the witness of the Spirit. 86 pages $7
ISBN 0-9629383-4-3
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Bible Holiness

by A. J. Smith
Reprint of 1953 Edition. Probably a generation ahead of its time, Dr. Smith challenged the status quo American holiness movement departure from historic Methodism. 176 pages $10 ISBN 0-9629383-6-X
Order today from

You may however get a copy of this on our CD.


The Wesley Workbook

by Robert Brush, & Dr. Vic Reasoner
A 95-page handbook to Wesley's Standard Sermons, The Wesley Workbook contains a tribute to John Wesley preached by Joseph Benson on July 26, 1791.
It also contains an introduction to Wesley's Sermons, including much of C. Leslie Mitton's work, A Clue to Wesley's Sermons. Each sermon has a separate introduction, drawing from the four annotated editions of Wesley's Sermons: Nathaniel Burwash, W. P. Harrison, Edward Sugden, and Albert Outler.
There are study questions for each sermon, making the workbook useful for small group discussions. At the end is a glossary of 18th century terms used by Wesley.
In his introduction, Dr. Kenneth Collins wrote "This combination of biographical material and study guide to the sermons will, undoubtedly, serve as a useful primer for pastors and lay people who want to learn more about their own tradition, as well as for those who are just entering the Methodist communion." $9 For more information on how you can get your copy please contact Dr. Vic Reasoner


A Fundamental Wesleyan Catechism

by Rev. Andy Heer

Full color cover with a "peanut butter and jelly proof" plastic coating. It contains introductory material for parents, 115 questions and answers written for children, as well as other basic material which children should memorize. It was created in order that we might train up the next generation in the faith of our fathers. It is a must have for a growing Christian family. $5

ISBN 0-9761003-0-4 48 pages with no index.
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    brush hope       

The Basis For Hope

Also a fairly new publication is Rev. Robert Brush's "The basis For Hope: A Grid for Evaluating Prophetic Assumptions." It is part of the "On Target" series from FWP. In simple language Brush gives ten basic truths about "end times" which serve as a grid by which to evaluate all prophetic teaching. Please ask for it too. 48 pages at $5.
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Books on CD's

    arminian        This CD is a collection of the following books:
  • Bible Holiness
  • The Wesley Workbook
  • From Faith to Faith. Here only, out of print.
  • Recovering the Wesleyan Emphasis. Here only, out of print.
  • The Hole in the Holiness Movement. Here only, out of print.
  • The Arminian Magazine from 1980 - 2003
  • This CD is one that a Bible student can't do without. All of this for only $15.
    For more information on how you can get your copy please contact Dr. Vic Reasoner

      rev pdf       

This CD is written in PDF. It is the same as the Commentary on Revelation above. Buy the book and for 10 dollars more this comes with it. CD price alone is $20.

For more information on how you can get your copy please contact Dr. Vic Reasoner


"Our People Die Well": Glorious Accounts of Early Methodists at Death's Door by Joseph
D. McPherson. It is highly endorsed by Dr, Randall McElwain and Dr. R. Dane Thompson.
This book covers the home going of famous Methodists such as John Wesley, Adam Clarke,
and many others. It is a must read for any serious student of Methodism. The book is 18 dollars.
It is not offered on CD.

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