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“Exploring Early Methodism” by Joseph D. McPherson

“Holy Living” (Volume 1) by Dr. Vic Reasoner

“Affectionately Yours” by Alice Russie

Fundamental Wesleyan Systematic Theology:

Fundamental Wesleyan Systematic Theology Vol 1, 2, and 3

This is Vic Reasoner’s greatest work. After a lifetime of the study of Scripture, early Methodism and contemporary culture, Dr. Reasoner has weighed in on a comprehensive list of issues. As a strong believer in the authority of Scripture he gives his best insight along with that of many of the great early Methodists such as Pope, Watson, Wesley, Fletcher, Coke, Clarke and others. Many of whose works are no longer in print. He also interacts with many contemporary theologians on issues both historic and contemporary. All three volumes are completed with a Bibliography, glossary of Terms, Topical and Scripture index adjoined to volume 3 that covers all three volumes.

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Prices do not include postage. The invoice will be sent by email. For bulk ordering and shipping, please contact Dr. Reasoner.

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FWP Books, 101 W. Joann DrWilmore, KY 40390

All profits go to the printing ministry of the Fundamental Wesleyan Society.

If interested in ordering “The Wesley Workbook” then contact Dr. Vic Reasoner

Additional Resources:

“The Evidence of Salvation” by Everett Stackpole

A CD Collection of the Following Books:

  • Bible Holiness
  • The Wesley Workbook
  • From Faith to Faith.  Here only, out of print.
  • Recovering the Wesleyan Emphasis.  Here only, out of print.
  • The Hole in the Holiness Movement.  Here only, out of print.
  • The Arminian Magazine from 1980 – 2003

If interested in the CD contact Dr. Vic Reasoner

Titles Available in Spanish

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