Dr. Vic Reasoner

Wilmore, KY

Vic has pastored since 1977. He is currently serving in Laurens, SC. He has served as general editor of Fundamental Wesleyan Publications since 1993. He has a D. Min. from Asbury Theological Seminary (1994), an M. Div. from Talbot School of Theology, Biola University (1987), and a B. Th. from Kansas Christian College (1977). He retired as president of Southern Methodist College in Laurens, SC in 2019. He in an ordained elder in the International Fellowship of Bible Churches. He is also the Executive Assistant for the Francis Asbury Institute.

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Rev. Andy Heer

Hernando, FL

Andy serves as the secretary of the Fundamental Wesleyan Society. Andy graduated from Mid America Nazarene University and has served in Nazarene churches from Kansas to Alaska. Andy lives in Hernando, Florida where he currently serves as pastor.

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Rev. Mark Horton

Nickasville, KY

Mark has pastored since 1987. He is currently serving in Nicholasville, KY. He is an ordained elder in the International Fellowship of Bible Churches. Mark studied at Covenant Foundation College and Asbury University.

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David Martinez

Editor en Español

David is a traveling evangelist and missionary. He preaches the gospel from coast to coast in the United States and has served as a missionary overseas as well. Wherever he goes he promotes Wesleyan-Arminian theology. David also works on translating the works of early Methodists into Spanish. David is the on the left.

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Joseph D. McPherson

Marion, IN
Class Leader

Joe is a member of the Wesleyan Church and lives in Marion, IN. After Completing B.A. degrees in religion and history at Indiana Wesleyan University in 1954 and 1959, a Master of Arts degree from Ball State University in 1960 was completed. Thirty seven years was spent in public school teaching of English, history and social science. Sixty years of service as Bible teacher and Lay Leader has been given within the local church. These responsibilities are presently continued. The writing of published articles and books pertaining to early Methodist history and doctrine have been a major ministry in late years.

Dr. Vinicius Couto

Editor em Português

Vinicius Couto is PhD student at Universidade Metodista de São Paulo – Brazil, has a MTh from Faculdade Batista do Paraná and BTh from Faculdade Nazarena do Brasil. He is is an ordained elder in Church of the Nazarene and a researcher of Wesleyan and Arminian Theology, with a few books and articles published. 

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